Forsyth Park

The beauty and mystery of Forsyth Park with intoxicating currant and oak with floral undertones.

Spanish Moss

Deep and luxurious with sweet white flower fragrances and layered moss tones. 

Live Oak

Majestic and bold with cedarewood, clove , and honeysuckle ending with hints of vanilla and nutmeg. 


Floral and tropical fragrances combine and dry down with oakmoss and musk. 

Sweet Tea

Just like a tall refreshing glass of iced sweet tea, you wont believe your senses. 

Mint Julep

Close your eyes and imagine a warm Savannah evening rocking on the front porch.  Robust peppermint and spearmint with a hint of freshly picked rosemary. 

Scents (2)

Savannah Morning

Heart warming dark french roast coffee finished with slight sweet croissant undertones. Perfect for anytime of the day.

About Villa Savannah candles

It takes a little more time but it is worth the wait, we guarantee. Our candles are always hand mixed and freshly made to order with 100% renewable soy wax with environmentally responsible manufacturing and packaging.  We give our customers the best possible products while focusing on improving the environmental footprint of our planet. We use the very best naturally derived renewable ingredients whenever possible.